Why so serious?

The Epic Contact app is your free portal to the most revolutionary database ever created. This truly epic system captures the world’s changing contact data in real-time, then quietly and effortlessly downloads all of that great data right into your devices.

Why am I so serious about changing data?

Yesterday, entire families shared one phone number and one mailing address. My mom used to keep all of her contacts in a little black book. In that book, every single contact had data that had been erased and changed so much that the pages were literally ripped to tatters. That’s how much data changes over time. And I’d constantly hear her on the phone, asking such and such friend or relative if they had so-and-so’s new contact data.

Today, with the advent of social media, we’re all reaching back into our past to reconnect with friends of days-gone-by, even as we collect new contacts around the world through the internet. Multiply that by the advent of personal computers and mobile devices, where each individual contact is exploding with increased data – and you wind up with insanity! Each contact in our databases now has:

  • Multiple phone numbers to cover home, work, mobile, and other devices
  • Multiple fax numbers to cover your company and desktop at work, and even your desktop or laptop at home.
  • Multiple email addresses to cover home, work, mobile devices, and throw-away connections.
  • And some of us even have multiple mailing addresses, like home, school, and work.
  • Social Media contact data, such as Facebook and Twitter.
  • And Business Media contact data, such as LinkedIn and Monster

Many of us now have thousands of contacts in our databases! With so many contacts, how can we possibly remember what data of our own we’ve shared with each of them? How can we possibly update them all with our appropriate data as it changes? How can we update them, when much of the data we have for them has already gone bad? And, with all of that going on, each contact, no matter how close you are to them, always has missing information that you eventually come to find you need. It’s insane!

Can you imagine how complicated our kids’ contact databases will be after spending a lifetime collecting every acquaintance they’ve met?

Then, as our technology spreads across the Earth, then out into the stars, how can we possibly track all of that changing data for multiple planets, moons, space stations, and space ships? Sounds far fetched now, but what about 300 years from now? Think about it. This problem of contact data going bad has been around since man first started settling into communities. And, if we don’t fix this, it will be around for millennia more.

Can you imagine Captain Kirk of the Enterprise, trying to hail an enemy vessel to stop them from destroying the Earth, but hearing “We’re sorry, the number for the enemy vessel you are trying to reach is not in service. Please hang up and try again.”

This is serious stuff!

And that’s why I built the Epic Contact app. This revolutionary and free Epic Contact app solves all of these problems through an easy-to-use and user-friendly interface. yes, it takes some effort to get started, but the end result is pure and amazing beauty.

You can find the Epic Contact app by searching “Epic Contact” in either the Apple or Google play Stores.

Be a part of something amazing! join the 80,000 other contacts that have already become part of this amazing system!

You’ll be glad you did!

Thanks – and Scotty out.

EpicHub.com Honorable Business

I’ve just faced a disagreement with one of the companies that created coding for EpicHub.com. It appears the coding company decided that they own the code they have created for me, even though the contract states specifically that “any coding I commission and pay for belongs to Epic.” This coding company claims the stipulation in the contract is void because it goes against their corporate policy. Sorry. You accept the contract, you accept the terms. That’s the deal. They disagreed. I said fine –  you keep the code, but return my money. They disagreed again, stating the money I paid was to license their work. This was all news to me – and was a blatant altering of the agreed upon deal. So, I used the Scriptlance complaint system, and although they weren’t fast by anyone’s definition or standard, they got the job done. Scriptlance threatened to deny access of their systems to this coding company if they didn’t follow the letter of their agreement. The programming company decided they wanted the Scriptlance relationship more than Epic’s code, so they backed away from their corporate position. I now have it in writing that I own the code. So it all worked out. But to me, this was just a shake down. Where did our honor go?

Honor. We need more honor in everything we do – especially in business. There are a few bad apples out there giving us all a bad name. This needs to change. Bad apples leads to bad business. Bad apples leads to higher cost products. Bad apples disappoint us all.

But the good news is that ZMOT and customer feed back will clear away the bad apples! Business is changing all around us. Companies are becoming transparent. Bad apples will need to change their ways, or face customer alienation.