EpicHub.com has full functionality!

Epic is pleased to announce that EpicHub.com has full functionality! Our Beta site (still not available to the public) has full functionality of its main, integrated components. This is fantastic news! We still have much to do before the product is ready for public testing – but we’re on our way! We’re 100% on-schedule for our October release!

Prototype Coding 4 of 4

Prototype Coding 4 of 4 was successful! That’s it! Technology risk over! Done deal!

Prototype 4 is being delivered to the master coder and will be incorporated into the site. All that remains now is coding in additional existing technologies to create the final product. I am now 3 to 5 months away from a deliverable!

After I have my product up and functioning, I’ll need to load a great deal of data into it to prepare it for launch. This will take about a month. During this time, I’ll be beta testing the site.

Mapping this out, it looks like October, 2012 is my target launch month.


Prototype Coding 2 and 3 of 4

Prototype coding 2 is an absolute success! Prototype coding 3 has suffered difficulties, but a solution has been found. And with prototypes 1, 2, and 3 being viable, I now have a deliverable product! So — Game On!

But it’s not the best it can be. I want prototype 4 to be part of the product. Prototype 4 is the largest, and most time consuming part of the coding. But I feel it’s worth the delay on launch to have it included. I should know by the end of the week whether the full product is a “Go”, or whether I’ll have to settle for something in between.

So – prototypes 2 and 3 are now being programmed into the site! Onward and Upward!

Prototype Coding 1 of 4….

….is highly successful! I’m very pleased! I now have the base of the company. I’ve also selected this company to code the whole site. They are now coding the actual website, including installing the home page, account systems and prototype 1 special functions. I’ll have an operational site with rudimentary function within 2 weeks.

3 More Quotes – 3 more Hires

Prototyping should be done in 2 weeks for a total cost of $17,000.

I’ve decided I need an investor. I talked to some friends and family last night and secured all the additional funding I’ll need. Yeah. The idea is that good.

Government regulation and taxes appears to be a concern. Looks like I’ve found my first outside BoD seat.


I’ve selected a programming company overseas. Total cost for this round of prototyping is $5200. I went with higher quality. I’m now sourcing the remaining 3 prototypes through Scriptlance. I can’t imagine how much this would cost me here in the states. This is great because no one company has any idea what my true goal is. Sweet!

Oh – and I’ve decided on a brand — but I can’t tell you what it is because it’s highly unique and should perceptually map me in blue seas – and create fierce loyalty / significant buzz. Here’s to hoping it goes viral. Well — actually — I’m designing viral growth systems into my business model, so here’s to hoping all system work.

Money Money Money Money

Yikes! I got 2 quotes today for some prototype work I need done to evaluate the feasibility of my website! One company wants $100,000!!!!!!!!! And the other wants $92,000!!!!!! DO you have a hundred grand?!?! I don’t have a hundred grand! And this is only a small part of what I want to do! How is this ever going to work?!?! I need to think outside the box!