Think Beautifully

Hi all.

We’re getting close to our official launch. So – I thought I’d share with you the overall message I want my company to deliver. But, this is so much more than just a message. It is my belief, my perspective, my attitude, and me hope for the world. It’s something that I am proud of. And it’s something I believe in with all of my heart.


“The late, great, Steve Jobs, asked us all to “Think Differently.”
Steve thought differently by infusing beauty into everything he created. But “Thinking Differently” doesn’t capture the essence of beauty. It only captures a change of mindset.

I believe what Steve was really trying to say is “Think Beautifully.”

I have made “Think Beautifully” my life’s goal.

In business, “Thinking beautifully” means stepping away from practices that invade, annoy, and clutter our lives with noise, such as robocalls, television commercials, the selling of our contact data, pop-up ads, banner ads, telemarketing, spam, and scams – and steps toward beautifully secure, beautifully purposed, beautifully designed, and beautifully crafted products and services, each thoroughly created to make you feel wonderful inside. And all delivered through new “peace and quiet” marketing systems.

Can you imagine how wonderful this world would be, if the world’s product and service creators infused their offerings with such incredibly peaceful beauty? And then, offered it all as free as possible, simply for true human benefit?

I am a huge believer in “Thinking Beautifully” and I use it craft every single product or service I create. So come check us out – and see, feel, taste, hear, and touch the difference that “Think Beautifully” creates.”

I am about to change my home page into something much more modern – and with this very same message, but in video form, as I introduce to you, one of the most amazing services I’ve ever seen!
Thanks for reading.

Epic Launches tomorrow, Monday April 6th at 5PM.

Hi all:

I’m ready. Well – as ready as I can be….

The Epic Contact App is uploaded and accepted by both Apple and Google.

So – Epic launches tomorrow at 5PM.

So – what does my new company do?, LLC is:

                                      “Simply perfect communication.”

Our journey to perfect communication begins with the Epic Contact App!

What is the Epic Contact app?

The Epic Contact app wields the cutting-edge technologies of Crowd Sourcing, QR Technology, and the Cloud, to effortlessly and automatically empower you with 100% current contact data in your smartphone!

Never again hear, “The phone number you have tried to reach has been disconnected.” or receive email back as “Undeliverable.” Or receive Snail Mail back, marked “Undeliverable / No forwarding address.”

You might think this is not a huge problem, but I assure you, it is.  ~ It’s just hidden.~

In 2012 alone, 27 Million out of the 130 Million working Americans changed jobs. That means 1 in 5 people in your phone changed some, or all, of their contact data. And this trend of job-hopping is increasing! So – each year – your phone’s contact database is going bad at about 20% per year!

But I bet you didn’t get anywhere near that number of “change my contact data” emails, did you? That means you have bad data in your phone. You just won’t know what data has gone bad – until it fails you.

So – what systems do we use today to update our friends and family with changes to our contact data? And how does the Epic Contact app make all of this easy, effortless, and automatic?

People today update friends and family through the following systems:

1. They make announcements of changed contact data through email. The problem with this system is that email gets buried in spam and may never be read. Or it gets accidentally sent to a spam folder and not read. Or it gets delivered to an email address that your contact never checks anymore. Or it’s simply never delivered because of bad contact data.

2. The email and phone call combo. This system suffers from all of the issues above, but can be effective with a concerted calling programming to verify receipt of changed data. This is very time consuming. You can easily burn half a week trying to update all of your friends, family, and co-workers with your new contact data. And, as you do this, you still have to deal with bad contact data as you try to communicate with friends and family.

3. The email, phone call, face-to-face combo. This is the most effective, but takes the longest amount of time. This is a concerted effort to track down extended family that could not be reached by phone or email.


So – How does the Epic Contact App make this process easier?

The Epic Contact App takes a completely different approach:

1. The system works by linking your cell phone to each cell phone in your contact database. This may sound difficult, but it’s actually very easy. With the Epic Contact App, one click and your entire database is effortlessly invited to join.

2. To update your contacts of any changes to your data, simply change your contact data in the your “Personal Data Page” in the Epic App, then click enter. That’s it. One click. Done.

3. And, even if you forget to use the app, the Epic Contact system still effortlessly catches changes to your contact data through Crowd Sourcing. Let’s say you get a new email address – and you DON’T use Epic to instantly update your contacts. Instead, you simply tell one friend using any of the usual contact systems discussed previously (email, phone, face-to-face). Your friend becomes aware of your changed email address, and updates your contact data in his cellphone. The Epic system catches that change in his phone, then fires a “Request for Update” email back to your new email address. All you need to do is simply update your old email address to your new email address, then click enter. The Epic Contact App instantly updates your entire contact list with your new email address. Easy. Simple. Done.

See? Whether you remember or not, the Epic Contact App keeps your contact data effortlessly current in all of your friends, family’s, and co-workers contact lists – while it does the same for them in your phone. Cool, huh?

That’s the core of the Epic Contact App —– link – monitor – share – update.

I am extremely excited to have the Epic Contact system keep my contact database 100% current- for free!

Please keep an eye out for my invitation to join my circle!

So – how much does it cost?

The Epic Contact App is 100% free to download, join, and access as much as you want. But we need to find a way to make money somewhere, so we decided to do this. After a few years of “kicking Epic’s tires” to see if the system does everything we claim it does, we’ll ask you to pay $4.99 to move your 100% current contact data from your old phone to a new phone. This is called “populating” a new phone with all of your contacts. This $4.99 charge is simply an attempt to recoup the operating costs we spent to provide you with 100% current contact data.

If you feel we dropped the ball, you’ll always have access to your phone’s default contact list. Simply delete the Epic Contact App and pay nothing. That’s it. There’s no other hidden fees anywhere.

Thanks for reading, and for considering being part of this amazing system!


P.s. Please keep an eye out for more description of the Epic Contact App – BECAUSE THERE’S SO MUCH MORE YOU GET FOR FREE!

The Epic Data App – our first product – is being packaged for launch!

The last of our marketing is being added to both our Android and iPhone app stores as you read this. When that’s done, we’ll submit our app to each respective store. They’ll review, approve, then post our app to their stores. When that happens – well – that’s it. My new company launches!

I’m so excited! Just about every free moment of the last few years has been spent working toward this day! And not to mention an insane amount of money!

And I’m so scared as well! All of this – the company – the products – the services – are all me! It is my creativity and passion and blood and tears and sleepless nights and wild euphorias! It terrifies me to put myself out into the world like this – to face such possible criticism and rejection…. But I’m WAY past the point of no return….SO…here we go….

Our first product – called “The FREE Epic Data app” – will simply astound you! And even though we have patent pending status, I’m still not going to share details about this product! Why? I was on the fence, but my wife said – “You’ve waited this long, what’s one more week? And you’ll need every minute you can get to stay ahead of your competitors.” And she’s right, of course. (Shhhh! Don’t tell her I said this, but she’s almost always right! Much to my eternal horror and delight!). So – no details – at least for another week. Sigh. It’s so hard to keep a secret like this for so long! Sometimes I feel like I’m just going to burst!

Anyway – I could use your help. If any of you have an iPhone or Android, please consider downloading my app – and if you love it / find it valuable – please give it a wonderful review! I don’t want you to compromise your morals – because I would never ask that of anyone – but a good review will go a long way – and I’d be eternally grateful!

Details will follow in less than 2 weeks!

Until then – take care all – and God bless.

S is now an LLC!

I’m pleased to announce that is now, LLC. We decided to form our company in Delaware for corporate tax advantages and Delaware’s clearly defined business law structures. Becoming an LLC is one of the final steps as we prepare Epic for Phase 1 launch.

Epic problems

Epic update:

Well – here we are in February – and I’m full of tales of woe. I haven’t written in a while because I prefer to share good news. I don’t have much of that to share with you right now. Epic was supposed to launch in October of last year. Instead, I’ve faced companies not willing to hand over coding that I have paid for in full, my head programmer being hired out from under my nose, and my primary outsourced coding company being bought out by a potential competitor.

Epic’s coding has ground to an absolute standstill because the technology I’m developing, and those coding it, have suddenly found themselves in great demand. Various indusrty players are rapidly catching up to me and are cherry picking my staff. It’s all so very, very, frustrating.

Yes – my original teams are gone. But – I’m not beat yet! Why? Because I have a good coding foundation. I’ve hired a new team that I’m working with that seem both professional and relaible. And I’ve kept hidden the best and most important parts of Epic. And thank God, because I’d be dead in the water if I’d opened my mouth and shared my full plan with my original staff. Thank God I still have a few tricks up my sleeve. And thank God I kept my mouth shut.

I’m shooting for an April launch. Onward and upward!

Core Systems are COOL!

I have in my hot little hands my proprietary prototype of the core systems of Epic – and they are COOL!!!! I spent about 20 minutes working within Epic’s systems, and when I logged out and entered my old communications system – it was like entering an old and empty warehouse. This technology is SO COOL! I love it! ILOVEITILOVEITILOVEITILOVEITILOVEITILOVEITILOVEITILOVEITILOVEITILOVEITILOVEITILOVEITILOVEIT!

Wow. WowWowWow! Image And it functions GREAT! We’ll have to wait and see what images do to Epic’s processing speed, but YAY! : D   I……AM……SO…….PLEASED!!! is now on is pleased to announce we are now on! Epic plans to use the business data posting wall as an additional marketing “voice.”

What is Epic? is an AMAZING, cloud-based, communications system! Improve CRM! Improve Sales! Improve Leadership! Improve IT! For FREE!

Epic launches in October!

Epic Business Humor:


A CEO, his VP of Sales, a Priest, a Super Model and her Mom are all sharing a private rail car in a train. The train goes through a tunnel, and the rail car goes completely dark. Suddenly there is a loud KISS sound – immediately followed by a loud SLAP! The train comes out of the tunnel and light floods the car. Everyone looks perplexed as to what happened! Especially the CEO!…who has a glowing red handprint on his face! The Super Model’s mom looks from the CEO, to her daughter, then back at the CEO. She screams at him, “Serves you right! Stealing a kiss when the lights are out!” The CEO rubs his cheek, and looks more confused than ever! “Mam, I assure you! I would never do such a thing!” The Priest is mortified! “Sir! That is highly inappropriate behavior!” The VP of Sales looks disapprovingly at his boss. But before any more talk can occur, the train goes through another tunnel. Once again, the car goes pitch black. And again, a loud KISS sound is heard, immediately followed by another loud SLAP! The train leaves the tunnel and light floods back into the car. The CEO is now on the floor! His other cheek is bright red! The Super Model is pulled out of her seat by her mom! “Come on dear, we’re leaving this pig!” They storm out! The Priest frowns at the CEO: “Poor manners, my son, very poor manners!” The CEO looks astonished! “Me?! I didn’t do anything! I was just sitting here minding my own…”  Once again, the train goes through another tunnel. Pitch black! KISS! SLAP!  THEN – When light floods back into the car, the CEO is out cold! The Priest looks astonished at the VP of Sales! “He didn’t kiss me! Did he kiss you!?”  The VP of sales rubs his hand. He looks at the priest, makes ANOTHER loud KISS sound – the same we’ve been hearing the whole time – and kicks the CEO hard! “No, he didn’t kiss me, but I sure hit him! He switched me from a high commission structure to a much lower salary! I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity!”