The Epic Data App – our first product – is being packaged for launch!

The last of our marketing is being added to both our Android and iPhone app stores as you read this. When that’s done, we’ll submit our app to each respective store. They’ll review, approve, then post our app to their stores. When that happens – well – that’s it. My new company launches!

I’m so excited! Just about every free moment of the last few years has been spent working toward this day! And not to mention an insane amount of money!

And I’m so scared as well! All of this – the company – the products – the services – are all me! It is my creativity and passion and blood and tears and sleepless nights and wild euphorias! It terrifies me to put myself out into the world like this – to face such possible criticism and rejection…. But I’m WAY past the point of no return….SO…here we go….

Our first product – called “The FREE Epic Data app” – will simply astound you! And even though we have patent pending status, I’m still not going to share details about this product! Why? I was on the fence, but my wife said – “You’ve waited this long, what’s one more week? And you’ll need every minute you can get to stay ahead of your competitors.” And she’s right, of course. (Shhhh! Don’t tell her I said this, but she’s almost always right! Much to my eternal horror and delight!). So – no details – at least for another week. Sigh. It’s so hard to keep a secret like this for so long! Sometimes I feel like I’m just going to burst!

Anyway – I could use your help. If any of you have an iPhone or Android, please consider downloading my app – and if you love it / find it valuable – please give it a wonderful review! I don’t want you to compromise your morals – because I would never ask that of anyone – but a good review will go a long way – and I’d be eternally grateful!

Details will follow in less than 2 weeks!

Until then – take care all – and God bless.


I wanted more…..

….but our coding teams are burned out. The site was down for a month – with everyone pointing fingers at who was to blame and tempers flaring left and right. This is clearly the most difficult time that I’ve faced. I won’t go into all the ugly details, but suffice it to say that investors complicate things in ways I never believed possible.

We’re up and running again at about 10% of what the site used to be. Unfortunately, the Epic website has seen so many programmers come and go that only a few coders in the world can now follow its intricacies. Resources are now scarce, and what I had hoped for —– simply will not be ready in the near term.

I’ve watched my competitors overtake me in many areas. This has been very disheartening. But I still have an amazing ace up my sleeve. It’s a show stopper – and it’s going to knock your socks off. And it’s almost married into the core.

When that’s done, I plan to launch. And let the chips fall where they may.

I’m so tired……

Epic Struggle

Hi all. Epic’s launch date keeps getting moved out and out. But as Steve Jobs said, “When it’s just not right, I refuse to launch.” Of course, as Steve was making his products right, he would go WAY over budget, and miss deadline after deadline. That sounds A LOT like what I’m experiencing. But still, I agree with Steve. No matter what the cost, and no matter how much our launch is delayed, the product just needs to work. Period. Plainly. Simply. Easily. And elegantly.

And so – here we are coding away —- and testing, testing, testing.

Clearly, when you see Epic, you’ll know how monstrous this project is in scope. It’s the most ambitious effort I’ve ever attempted. We now have some of the greatest programming minds in the world wrapped up in hundreds of thousands of lines of code. 3 teams are working on it globally. It’s been a nightmare to manage, but both the Viral Epic App and our Epic Cloud Core are now up and running in Amazon’s Cloud AWS. I have 2 major pieces left to program, then an over-reaching code that ties it all together. Then – well – that’s it. We launch.

It looks like we’ll be doing a quiet beta sometime in March. What will the beta look like?

I’ve recently begun discussing the features and benefits of Epic with my SCORE advisers. They are immensely excited! I now have a commitment from a major internet company to help me beta test the Viral Epic App. If the app performs the way it’s designed, this large company will roll it out to their 500,000+ customers – and then the viral webbing kicks in! The clear and universal problem our free app solves + its viral point-and-click delivery system should do some amazing things. I believe Epic could end its first day out of beta with tens of thousands, if not millions, of subscribers.

And that’s just the app! You should see the Epic Core! It’s simply amazing! There’s nothing like it in the world today. I think you’re going to love it. I know I do! I’ve been using it for months. : ) It’s good to be the CEO.

Well – until next time – be safe, work hard, laugh lots, and be sure to take things slow once in a while.


The EpicHub Super App is finished!

The EpicHub Super App is finished! And, all I can say is – Wow! The app is fully functional, tying both the iphone and Android smartphones directly into the Epic Cloud. We’re having trouble testing the app because if we try a true test, the app will launch the company! It’s amazing! And get this – I’ve recently broken my vow of silence and have begun talking with potential users (that I know and trust) about the Epic system. I won’t mention any names, but a single seminar presenter said he’d like to use the Epic App to communicate with more than 20,000 business friends and associates! Our app’s solution to highly universal and significant smartphone problems will drive very high levels of sharing between friends and family. Our solution is greatly needed. What does that mean? Facebook had 904 account holders by the end of their first day. It’s very likely that our automated systems will generate tens of thousands of account holders by the end of our first day! But, of course, we’ll need to wait till the rubber meets the road to see what kind of real traction we get. It’s all so very, very, very exciting!
We have to dot some “I”s and cross some “T”s in the Epic Cloud, but we’re nearing the finish line! The Epic MVP product is just about ready to go Beta! Please stick with us as we test and validate our systems!

Epic problems

Epic update:

Well – here we are in February – and I’m full of tales of woe. I haven’t written in a while because I prefer to share good news. I don’t have much of that to share with you right now. Epic was supposed to launch in October of last year. Instead, I’ve faced companies not willing to hand over coding that I have paid for in full, my head programmer being hired out from under my nose, and my primary outsourced coding company being bought out by a potential competitor.

Epic’s coding has ground to an absolute standstill because the technology I’m developing, and those coding it, have suddenly found themselves in great demand. Various indusrty players are rapidly catching up to me and are cherry picking my staff. It’s all so very, very, frustrating.

Yes – my original teams are gone. But – I’m not beat yet! Why? Because I have a good coding foundation. I’ve hired a new team that I’m working with that seem both professional and relaible. And I’ve kept hidden the best and most important parts of Epic. And thank God, because I’d be dead in the water if I’d opened my mouth and shared my full plan with my original staff. Thank God I still have a few tricks up my sleeve. And thank God I kept my mouth shut.

I’m shooting for an April launch. Onward and upward! is now on is pleased to announce we are now on! Epic plans to use the business data posting wall as an additional marketing “voice.”

What is Epic? is an AMAZING, cloud-based, communications system! Improve CRM! Improve Sales! Improve Leadership! Improve IT! For FREE!

Epic launches in October!

Epic Business Humor:


A CEO, his VP of Sales, a Priest, a Super Model and her Mom are all sharing a private rail car in a train. The train goes through a tunnel, and the rail car goes completely dark. Suddenly there is a loud KISS sound – immediately followed by a loud SLAP! The train comes out of the tunnel and light floods the car. Everyone looks perplexed as to what happened! Especially the CEO!…who has a glowing red handprint on his face! The Super Model’s mom looks from the CEO, to her daughter, then back at the CEO. She screams at him, “Serves you right! Stealing a kiss when the lights are out!” The CEO rubs his cheek, and looks more confused than ever! “Mam, I assure you! I would never do such a thing!” The Priest is mortified! “Sir! That is highly inappropriate behavior!” The VP of Sales looks disapprovingly at his boss. But before any more talk can occur, the train goes through another tunnel. Once again, the car goes pitch black. And again, a loud KISS sound is heard, immediately followed by another loud SLAP! The train leaves the tunnel and light floods back into the car. The CEO is now on the floor! His other cheek is bright red! The Super Model is pulled out of her seat by her mom! “Come on dear, we’re leaving this pig!” They storm out! The Priest frowns at the CEO: “Poor manners, my son, very poor manners!” The CEO looks astonished! “Me?! I didn’t do anything! I was just sitting here minding my own…”  Once again, the train goes through another tunnel. Pitch black! KISS! SLAP!  THEN – When light floods back into the car, the CEO is out cold! The Priest looks astonished at the VP of Sales! “He didn’t kiss me! Did he kiss you!?”  The VP of sales rubs his hand. He looks at the priest, makes ANOTHER loud KISS sound – the same we’ve been hearing the whole time – and kicks the CEO hard! “No, he didn’t kiss me, but I sure hit him! He switched me from a high commission structure to a much lower salary! I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity!” Office Humor

A new employee stood before an intricate looking office machine with a confused look on his face. “Need some help?” a secretary asked. “Yes,” he replied. “How does this thing work?” “Simple,” she said, taking the fat report from his hand and feeding it into the shredder. Still looking confused, and watching chunks of paper being spewed out, he said “Thanks, but where do the copies come out?”