Epic problems

Epic update:

Well – here we are in February – and I’m full of tales of woe. I haven’t written in a while because I prefer to share good news. I don’t have much of that to share with you right now. Epic was supposed to launch in October of last year. Instead, I’ve faced companies not willing to hand over coding that I have paid for in full, my head programmer being hired out from under my nose, and my primary outsourced coding company being bought out by a potential competitor.

Epic’s coding has ground to an absolute standstill because the technology I’m developing, and those coding it, have suddenly found themselves in great demand. Various indusrty players are rapidly catching up to me and are cherry picking my staff. It’s all so very, very, frustrating.

Yes – my original teams are gone. But – I’m not beat yet! Why? Because I have a good coding foundation. I’ve hired a new team that I’m working with that seem both professional and relaible. And I’ve kept hidden the best and most important parts of Epic. And thank God, because I’d be dead in the water if I’d opened my mouth and shared my full plan with my original staff. Thank God I still have a few tricks up my sleeve. And thank God I kept my mouth shut.

I’m shooting for an April launch. Onward and upward!