EpicHub.com is now on oGoing.com

EpicHub.com is pleased to announce we are now on oGoing.com! Epic plans to use the business data posting wall as an additional marketing “voice.”

What is Epic? EpicHub.com is an AMAZING, cloud-based, communications system! Improve CRM! Improve Sales! Improve Leadership! Improve IT! For FREE!

Epic launches in October!

Epic Business Humor:


A CEO, his VP of Sales, a Priest, a Super Model and her Mom are all sharing a private rail car in a train. The train goes through a tunnel, and the rail car goes completely dark. Suddenly there is a loud KISS sound – immediately followed by a loud SLAP! The train comes out of the tunnel and light floods the car. Everyone looks perplexed as to what happened! Especially the CEO!…who has a glowing red handprint on his face! The Super Model’s mom looks from the CEO, to her daughter, then back at the CEO. She screams at him, “Serves you right! Stealing a kiss when the lights are out!” The CEO rubs his cheek, and looks more confused than ever! “Mam, I assure you! I would never do such a thing!” The Priest is mortified! “Sir! That is highly inappropriate behavior!” The VP of Sales looks disapprovingly at his boss. But before any more talk can occur, the train goes through another tunnel. Once again, the car goes pitch black. And again, a loud KISS sound is heard, immediately followed by another loud SLAP! The train leaves the tunnel and light floods back into the car. The CEO is now on the floor! His other cheek is bright red! The Super Model is pulled out of her seat by her mom! “Come on dear, we’re leaving this pig!” They storm out! The Priest frowns at the CEO: “Poor manners, my son, very poor manners!” The CEO looks astonished! “Me?! I didn’t do anything! I was just sitting here minding my own…”  Once again, the train goes through another tunnel. Pitch black! KISS! SLAP!  THEN – When light floods back into the car, the CEO is out cold! The Priest looks astonished at the VP of Sales! “He didn’t kiss me! Did he kiss you!?”  The VP of sales rubs his hand. He looks at the priest, makes ANOTHER loud KISS sound – the same we’ve been hearing the whole time – and kicks the CEO hard! “No, he didn’t kiss me, but I sure hit him! He switched me from a high commission structure to a much lower salary! I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity!”


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