EpicHub.com Honorable Business

I’ve just faced a disagreement with one of the companies that created coding for EpicHub.com. It appears the coding company decided that they own the code they have created for me, even though the contract states specifically that “any coding I commission and pay for belongs to Epic.” This coding company claims the stipulation in the contract is void because it goes against their corporate policy. Sorry. You accept the contract, you accept the terms. That’s the deal. They disagreed. I said fine –  you keep the code, but return my money. They disagreed again, stating the money I paid was to license their work. This was all news to me – and was a blatant altering of the agreed upon deal. So, I used the Scriptlance complaint system, and although they weren’t fast by anyone’s definition or standard, they got the job done. Scriptlance threatened to deny access of their systems to this coding company if they didn’t follow the letter of their agreement. The programming company decided they wanted the Scriptlance relationship more than Epic’s code, so they backed away from their corporate position. I now have it in writing that I own the code. So it all worked out. But to me, this was just a shake down. Where did our honor go?

Honor. We need more honor in everything we do – especially in business. There are a few bad apples out there giving us all a bad name. This needs to change. Bad apples leads to bad business. Bad apples leads to higher cost products. Bad apples disappoint us all.

But the good news is that ZMOT and customer feed back will clear away the bad apples! Business is changing all around us. Companies are becoming transparent. Bad apples will need to change their ways, or face customer alienation.



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