Moments inbetween

While I wait for Epic work to be completed, I find myself deep in the study of business. I find myself researching once again my basic assumptions. I find myself thinking about strategy, marketing, brand, finances, and connecting — as I drift along the lines of my passions. Once again, I find I am awake long into the night. Once again – I’ve beaten the head nods as my body shut down for quick cat naps – and I am mostly awake. I sit here – and I reflect on loss – on suffering – on the choices I am making – and on the ramifications of those choices as to what aspects of my life will suffer and diminish – and which will grow and thrive. I hope it isn’t my family that suffers. I hope it’s not my kids that are diminished, ultimately paying the price for my lost sleep and reduced attention during morning hours as I strive to reach my dreams. I wonder. I hope. I worry. I drift. And I dream of a perfect balance that I want to believe is attainable – but I know is not. Uh oh – my wife is checking in for the 3rd time – suggesting I hit the hay. And reminding me I was up till 4AM last night. She has a point. Night all.


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