EpicHub tests the Hub!

Hi all! I’m so very pleased to announce that I tested EpicHub.com’s communications Hub today and it performed wonderfully! The site still feels a bit clunky, but it’s getting there!

As you may know from a previous update, I made my first phone call through the site about 2 weeks ago. I’ve now switched over to making all my home phone calls through the Epic Beta site! Less than 1 cent per minute for all calls in the US? Why not? No contract! And – that’s just because the FREE communications system isn’t working yet. But it’s coming! Free, Free, Free! If it’s free, it’s me!

And all of the other services are coming to life to!! Business. Personal. Friends. Family. Excitement! Convenience! Anywhere! You’ve never seen anything like THIS before!  I so very much wish I could tell you more! Epic will change lives. Stay tuned!


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