The “I Am Royalty” Contest

I’m thinking about running a contest. This is only a test to feel out how warm the water is for this concept. It is not an official contest yet. Please like this post if you’d join this contest:

The Idea:

I have a buddy who, by the end of the contest, will be Prince of the Palermo province of Italy. He has the ability to Knight (men) or Dame (women). Any U.S. citizen that is Knighted or Daymed would gain instant fame and notoriety, and would be granted an all-expense paid, 1st class, 1 week’s vacation  each year to the King’s castle in Palermo, Italy (for up to 6 guests and for life) to hob nob with royalty.

The contestant that invites the most friends to join my free website would win. And any contestant that invites 50 or more friends to my site will earn free online premium TV and Movie services for 5 years – regardless of whether or not they win the contest.

That’s it. What do you think? Is this concept enough to get you to join a free website and invite your friends?

Small print: This is not a marketing website. We will not market products to you through email or phone – and neither you, nor your friends’ contact information will ever be given away or sold. You are protected.

Please like if you’d join.


One Comment on “The “I Am Royalty” Contest”

  1. You Rock SoshItech! You’re a true leader! I am humbled to have you with me!

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