The Domain Name Story

I originally wanted a different domain name than the one I have now. I wanted perfection. But it wasn’t to be because perfection is owned – but not being used or sold – by someone in the U.S.S.R. — So, I tried about a bazillion different word combinations + .com through — but again, anything even close to what I wanted was taken. I was forced to turn to premium domains and I poured through a significant number of websites in my search. Everything “good” was a minimum of $5500 and up – and the “best” were MUCH more above those – like $250K price tags. I finally settled on for $1,350 through a website called Huge Domains offered extremely reasonable prices and a wide variety of product selection.

EpicHub is my second favorite domain name out of all I saw – but it is supremely good for my needs. I love the word Epic. And that’s what the site is – an Epic Hub. But that could be just about anything – so it’s not really that big a tip as to what kind of product I’m going to offer.


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