A Possible Solution!

I spent last night thinking about these highly expensive quotes. There’s has got to be a better way. Many companies are outsourcing — going overseas —- I wonder if there’s an opportunity there for me. Also, there are websites out there that have companies competing against each other in a bid type situation that drives prices down. I wonder if there’s a site out there like that? This market implosion has got to have people hungry for work…..

(3 solid hours of work later)

I’ve found a POSSIBLE SOLUTION! There’s a website called Scriptlance.com where there appear to be hundreds of programming companies and freelance programmers all competing for work. This looks to be EXACTLY what I need. I’m going to post my project there and see what kind of bids I get for my prototype work. Here’s to hoping.

New Company Icon

Please check out and comment on the “EpicHub.com” Icon used in my blog site. I’ve always loved Solar Eclipses, and I can’t think of anything more centralized to our existence than when a solar eclipse is passing above us. Anyway, it’s the image and text I’ve decided on. Please let me know what the image makes you think of — just your general knee-jerk impressions. Your help is greatly appreciated!

Money Money Money Money

Yikes! I got 2 quotes today for some prototype work I need done to evaluate the feasibility of my website! One company wants $100,000!!!!!!!!! And the other wants $92,000!!!!!! DO you have a hundred grand?!?! I don’t have a hundred grand! And this is only a small part of what I want to do! How is this ever going to work?!?! I need to think outside the box!

Back Story: The Idea

Where to begin? And how much do I share with you without letting the cat out of the bag (so to speak) as to what my new company will do? I need to keep this concept under wraps because it is HOT! SUPER HOT! Like WORLD ALTERING HOT! ——— So……Decisions. Decisions.

OK – I’ll start with an “About me.” I’m a CAD draftsman from 9AM to 5:30PM Monday through Friday for my family’s company. I have a genius IQ. I’m a peaceful, live-and-let-live kind of guy. I’m like everyone else with most things, except that I’m a true outside-the-box thinker. I have an amazing ability to dream stuff up. I’m very rarely bored, as I have many hobbies. And that’s where the idea for my new company came from – one of my hobbies.

I spend a lot of time playing around with certain web-based technologies off hours that I’ve had an interest in for years. I have great passion for this hobby, and I was thinking about it while watching a TED Talk on YouTube. The TED Talk was on Marketing, but the presenter mentioned a concept that people rarely think about what their TRUE product is. They just market focused aspects and don’t consider the bigger picture.

So, that’s what I did. I turned the idea of my hobby over and over in my head until it altered the basic core of the technology. But the idea didn’t start out as a “HOLY SHIT!” idea. It started out as a “WHAT IF….” and snowballed from there. I didn’t realize what I had until I started to design the product….and then the light came on!

Back Story: History

I started a distribution company back in 1995 that survived for 3 years until I closed it’s doors in 1998 after losing my initial $25,000 cash investment + ending up $18,000 in debt, for a total loss of $43,000. When my company failed, I literally lost everything I had. I walked away with the clothes on my back – and a mountain of debt.

What did I do then? I started over from scratch. I went out and got a job. I payed off my debts. And I rebuilt my life piece by piece.

I must be a glutton for punishment, because now, with the stakes much higher (married with 3 kids), I’m going to try again. I’m going to start another company. And to my wife’s eternal horror, I’m dreaming BIG!! I’m planning BIG!! I’m acting BIG!! And I’m going to spend BIG MONEY, so the risks are Epic! Devastation is a real possibility here. And I’m going to write about it all as I put this whole shebang together. Every hurdle I encounter, every victory or defeat I face, you’ll get to hear about it here!

So hang onto your hats folks! Will this venture turn out to be an Epic Win?! Or an Epic Fail?! Either way, I can guaranty you this….the results will be Epic! Why? Because that’s the name of my new company!  EpicHub.com! Follow me now as I either make it big — or lose everything – again! So. Without further ado. It’s time to roll the dice!